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Bill proposes taxing solar, increasing wind tax in Wyoming

Legislation has been proposed to increase Wyoming's tax on wind production and impose a new tax on utility-scale solar facilities. House Bill 118 is sponsored by Republican Rep. Thomas Crank, of Kemmerer. View full post on Wind Power News

Purcell proposes ‘fairer’ wind turbine payments

Landholders on properties adjoining wind turbines should get a payment recognising the noise and visual impact the turbines have on their lives, Member for Western Victoria James Purcell says. Mr Purcell said the “trickle down” payments to neighbouring properties would also help overcome the division occurring in south-west rural communities over wind farms. View full […]

Partnership proposes pairing offshore wind with hydroelectric pumped storage

Deepwater Wind will propose to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts an offshore wind solution that, for the first time, will allow a utility-scale renewable energy project to replace the retiring fossil fuel-fired power plants closing across the region. Deepwater Wind – America's leading offshore wind developer – tomorrow will submit its response to Massachusetts' 83C offshore […]

Government proposes green energy Halloween costumes

The Obama administration on Friday proposed five different green energy costumes that people can use for Halloween, including a wind turbine, a solar panel and the terrifying “energy vampire.” “Energy vampire” is the Obama administration’s term for electrical products that use energy even when they’re not being used, like phones, clocks or appliances that glow. […]

U.S. proposes allowing oil, gas drilling off Atlantic Coast

The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed allowing for the first time oil and gas exploration in a wide swath of U.S. waters off the Atlantic Coast. The 2017 to 2022 drilling plan begins a process that could take many years before waters off the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia are cleared […]

Baucus proposes major energy tax overhaul

The big Max Baucus news this week was that the Montana senator is – for whatever reason – getting tapped to be the next U.S. ambassador to China. View full post on Wind Power News

Bulgarian budget committee proposes new green energy fee

Bulgaria’s budget commission has proposed imposing a 20 percent fee on revenue from wind and solar power installations next year to help it finance incentives for the sector while trying to keep electricity costs down. View full post on Wind Power News

Townsend proposes wind-energy zone bylaw

A proposed amendment that would add a wind-energy systems section to Townsend’s zoning bylaws will be discussed at a public hearing on Monday before going up for a vote at Special Town Meeting. View full post on Wind Power News

Navy proposes wind power at Naval Station Newport

The Providence Journal reports that the plan would put up several large wind turbines, though the number will depend on the size of the turbines, which has yet to be determined. View full post on Wind Power News