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University engineers road-test prototype

The group of mechanical engineering students, called Sussex Power Storm, made a prototype as part of their degree studies and completed some basic functional testing before they experimented with the eco-friendly vehicle on land at Shoreham Port. They were given access by the authority to the revetment road on the Outer Layby, just east of […]

Kite power prototype takes off in the Netherlands – video

A prototype ‘kite sail’ developed at Delft University measures only 25 square metres but can generate a steady 20 kilowatts of power View full post on Environment: Wind power |

PAL_3D v1.0 |01| 1st Prototype – Basic Stamp – SolidWorks – DIY – makerbot 3D Printing – 2011

Printing Process Test n.1 – 3D printer – Build area 300x300x300 – Basic Stamp 2 for for hot head & hot plate control – Slic3r pre-processor software for conversion STL/GCODE – Mach3 cnc software controller – 4 axis CNC board controller upto 1/16 step

Darrieus Wind Turbine Prototype

This is a modification of the Darrieus wind turbine I am designing to build in China for the University of Tusla’s Engineers without Borders.

My wind turbine, prototype

homemade to the core

DIY vertical wind turbine prototype test at 1.4 m/sec

Testing, how much RPM will make prototype without load ar VERY LOW wind. Kā realitātē darbojas (griežas) vēja ģenerators, kura apraksts ir Vēja ātrums mērīts blakus ventilatoram ar digitālu iekārtu. Šitais vēl elektrību neģenerē, tikai griežas pa tukšo. Vēja ātrumu var redzēt paneļa labējā augšējā ceturtdaļā zem vēja virziena rādītāja pa labo pusi (1.4 […]

Homemade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Helical Prototype Success of the first phase of a homemade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), this homemade helical twisted vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) is a drag type, it was built and installed on the rooftop of our building in order to harness wind energy and power our building to overcome the continuous electric power rational. […]

Prototype wind turbine (auto governing/ furling).

24 Volt futurenergy pmg, 1800 w in high winds, i use this model to charge a 450A battery bank which heats the living room and runs the plasma in windy periods, it’s spinning pretty fast although the camera doesn’t pick it up that well due to frame speed, unit auto furls at 40 mph, just […]