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Turbine Savonius– Water Pump– Wind Mill

Turbine savonius– wind mill– water pump.

Wind Turbine Water Pump

This is an inexpensive, wind turbine water pump using components. View a wind pump build guide here:

Windmill and water pump. DIY Tom Beck part 3

I’ve made another windmill pump using what I have learned from the first one. Wider blades, bigger pump and longer throw on the pump shaft. It’s too good the output is greater than the source. For now I’ll shorten the throw and later increase the source pipe. About 5 gal per min. email

Water Pump DIY

It is made form old DC-motor parts and plastic tubing. A rubber shrink tube works as a sealer. How it works: When the rotor is spinning it slings the water out from the center to the inner walls of the housing. This creates a vacuum in the center and sucks water in from the bottom. […]