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Appeal to raise A 10,000 for Thurne MIll repairs before its 200th birthday

A historic windmill which has long been a Broads landmark has launched a 10,000 appeal for much-needed repairs before its 200th birthday. The former drainage mill at Thurne Dyke is, with the nearby Wind Energy Museum, today enjoyed as a tourist attraction and well-known wetlands sight. View full post on Wind Power News

Lack of Wind Power, Power Plant Repairs Leaves Hawaiians in the Dark

Residents on Hawaii Island suffered blackouts in late February due to a number of electric power generating units being taken offline due to repairs simultaneous with wind power generation being zero. Despite a prime location with wind speeds rated as superb by the Department of Energy’s renewable energy laboratory, the Hawi wind farm on Hawaii […]

DEQ donates wind turbine at Bay City office to community college, repairs too expensive

The Department of Environmental Quality has decided not to repair the wind turbine, which began malfunctioning last year, that once stood at the agency’s Bay City office. View full post on Wind Power News