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Artificial Trees That Could Power A Home Or Replace Wind And Solar Farms

Tech Meets Art In A life-like 'Energy Tree' With e-leaves That Suck Up Sunshine And Quiver In The Breeze To Produce Solar And Wind Power. LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 22, 2018 / / — The 16ft solar/wind tree can generate nearly three times the electricity an average family uses in a year and […]

Replace Your Electric Bill With A Flat-Rate, Monthly Subscription To Wind Power

If you want to support renewable energy generation, there's not a whole lot of personal recourse you can take beyond either choosing to pay a “green pricing” premium to your local utility in exchange for clean energy, or–in deregulated states–choosing to buy your energy directly from a clean-energy provider . A new startup, Inspire , […]

Wind energy: Beaverton startup builds kites to replace turbines on farms

A Beaverton startup is hoping to replace farm-based wind turbines with smaller, quieter kites to generate enough electricity to run everything on the farm from irrigation pumps to kitchen lights. eWind Solutions CEO and founder David Schaefer sees the kites at farms across the United States. View full post on Wind Power News

John Hayes: ‘windfarms will not replace gas or nuclear’

The energy minister has revealed, in a letter seen by the Guardian, the extent of his misapprehensions about wind Windfarms are “extremely inefficient and costly” and will not be able to replace gas or nuclear power generation, according to a letter sent by the Conservative energy minister, John Hayes, which reveals the extent of his […]