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COLUMN-Staid utility investing world upended by green energy revolution -James Saft

The formerly staid, predictable world of utilities investing faces a revolution as the price of solar and wind energy plunges, creating new winners and losers. Generally tightly regulated and thus with reliable cash flows, utility stocks and bonds have long been beloved by pension funds and other conservative investors for their safe income generation. View […]

Calls for wind power revolution

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The cheapest oil ever still won’t slow down the clean energy revolution

President Obama is in the midst of a week of climate change-focused appearances, starting at a clean energy summit in Las Vegas Monday night and culminating in the first-ever visit to the U.S. Arctic in Alaska beginning August 31. The White House says clean energy is on the march, from rapidly expanding distributed solar installations […]

Renewables revolution is unstoppable – except in the UK

Despite the overloaded UK grid starting to deter solar or windpower projects from connecting, the future for renewable energy is bright – but it does need some help Apple investing $1bn in a giant solar farm in California. Tesla building the world’s biggest battery factory to power electric cars. The Chinese deploying record numbers of […]

Peak Pollution: China to Lead the Clean Energy Revolution

Though few would guess it, the country is already home to the largest wind and solar markets in the world. View full post on Wind Power News

Amory Lovins: energy visionary sees renewables revolution in full swing

From the Hypercar to home insulation, the early visions of the influential physicist are becoming a reality Amory Lovins last year harvested from his small garden more than 30 pounds of bananas, along with guava, mango, papaya, loquat, passion and other exotic fruit. Nothing remarkable in that, except that the energy analyst and chief scientist […]

Ethiopia’s renewable energy revolution shouldn’t fail to empower its poor

Large-scale clean energy projects shouldn’t eclipse the urgent need to provide electricity to low-income and rural communities The 84 wind turbines erected just south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, tower above an arid landscape of grassland and unpaved roads, inhabited mostly by small-scale farmers, who – along with 77% of population – lack access to […]

A REVOLUTION IN WIND TURBINE PRICING – The ‘Quindo 5000 Series’ – The ‘QUINDO 5000 SERIES’ is a pitch controlled wind turbine system for ‘Off and On-Grid’ operation. This newly designed wi…

Germany’s ‘green energy revolution’ costing billions

In the wake of Fukushima, Angela Merkel said Germany would phase out nuclear power by 2022 and subsidize renewable energy. View full post on Wind Power News

Free energy “The Revolution SSG Bike” P8 By inventor Matt McMahon, inspired by John Bedini Motor This video I determine what is the most efficient way to make the motor work. I believe …