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Offshore wind energy right for Connecticut

To continue reading this premium story, you need to become a member. Click below to take advantage of an exclusive offer for new members: Favorable winds are blowing from offshore – winds that literally will bolster the economic and environmental futures for both the region and state, as long as state officials and regulators move decisively. […]

Our View: Port plan sets the right course

The New Bedford waterfront has been the city’s most important natural feature longer than there has been a New Bedford. It supported or continues to support whaling, textiles, manufacturing, fishing, ferries and freight, through two economic pinnacles. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind energy blows US emissions onto right track for 2025 target

Is Uncle Sam going green at last? US carbon emissions from power stations this year are set to be the lowest for 20 years, as decrepit coal-fired power plants shut and clean wind farms and less-dirty natural gas plants replace them. And back in 1994, the US economy was only 42 per cent of its […]

Terrified about methane burps and water shortages? Start mitigating right now: SolarCoin

If the world stopped burning fossil fuels for energy RIGHT NOW and carbon emissions came to a full stop, we would survive as a civilization. View full post on Wind Power News

Japan made right decision in returning to nuclear power

For Japan, a resource-poor country, the most realistic approach to securing sufficient energy is to continue using its nuclear power plants. View full post on Wind Power News

Is the National Trust right to consider fracking while ruling out windfarms?

Dame Helen Ghosh, the National Trust’s director general, says she has an “open mind” to having shale gas wells on its land, but it was unlikely it would ever allow a windfarm Environment editor View full post on Environment: Wind power |

Massive Paradigm Upheaval in Power Production is Happening Right Now

IKEA recently announced its plans to be a net PRODUCER of electricity by 2020 , using solar and wind power to produce electricity over and above what the company uses. View full post on Wind Power News

Left, Tory MP George Eustice, and right, climate change sceptic Lord Nigel Lawson

George Eustice, Conservative MP for Camborne and Redruth, says he believes there is a link between carbon emissions and warming the planet, but argues “all perspectives” should be heard. View full post on Wind Power News

The right way to fail in cleantech

Company executives look at thin-film solar panels developed by MiaSole before a press conference held at the headquarters of Hanergy Group in Beijing, China, in this January 2013 file photo. View full post on Wind Power News

Electric Power a Basic Human Right

Recognizing the importance of energy for sustainable world development, commercial and non-governmental organizations are now joining solutions to fulfill the United Nations goal of making 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. View full post on Wind Power News