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Let’s keep the wind in our sails and continue to make Britain a world leader in wind energy

Whilst the Labour conference was busy debating whether to copy Venezuela or Cuba's economic model, you may not have noticed a great news story this week. Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear. View full post on Wind Power News

A set of ghostly, futuristic sails could help save California…

Sails are one of the earliest ways humans seized the power of wind – people were using them to move boats across the sea even before the Middle Ages. “Regatta H2O: Familiar Form, Chameleon Infrastructure” is the winner of a site-specific environmental competition called the Land Art Generator Initiative . View full post on Wind […]

Offshore wind sails forward, but a different story on land

A sign against a proposed wind turbine hangs from a neighborhood telephone pole, in North Smithfield, R.I. Even as Rhode Island makes history as the first U.S. state with an offshore wind farm, its people are not so fond of wind turbines sprouting up on land near where they live. Town leaders in North Smithfield […]

Somaliland gets wind in its sails for revamping power sector | Nicholas Parkinson and Matthew Newsome

The region’s antiquated, piecemeal power grid is constraining growth – but a new energy bill may change that In 2009, Hassan Ahmed Hussein brought an industrial bread-making machine from abroad to install in his hotel in downtown Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. Hassan’s idea was part business, part self-interest. Wholewheat bread is not available in […]

1. P&O successfully sails into renewables arena

P&O Ferries is expanding its reach into the renewables arena following the success of its first contract win with Centrica. View full post on Wind Power News

Novel offshore wind energy system relies on carbon fiber sails

The 50-kW Nova project features a composites-intensive offshore, double-arm, vertical axes wind turbine system that will investigate the affordability and feasibility of manufacturing this innovative energy system. View full post on Wind Power News

Cargo ship with metal sails would save 30 percent fuel

Can wind energy really power modern cargo ships? We’ve seen the idea of hybrid freighters before, but this concept from the University of Tokyo has a remarkable sail system. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Turbine with Sails – Homemade

Homemade sail wind turbine, using empty and cheap flour sacks as sails, and broom sticks as sail masts, capable of generating up to 30 Watts. Most components are domestic and can be found at home. Diameter is around 8 feet (2.5 meters). Maximum voltage was 8 Volts. Minimum was -7 Volts. Yes, it rotates in […]