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Turbine Savonius– Water Pump– Wind Mill

Turbine savonius– wind mill– water pump.

FAWT 03 Silo vawt Wind Turbine savonius vertical axis hawt diy ametek green or vawt vertical axis wind turbine hawt green. -first i lifted the silo 3 feet -i tested the propset with blades extended -i increased t…

Savonius zum Bewässern


fawt propset01 vertical Axis Wind Turbine vawt plans savonius, pma, hawt diy ametek green or httpvawt vertical axis wind turbine hawt green. here is an update for the FAWT Silo prop set01, i tried the fiber blades and my custom made blades, the fiber need 10kmh wind to get them going and my custome blades need 5kmh wind to get them spining. next vid i will spread the […]

Savonius VAWT 2 stage oil drum wind turbine.

My two stage Savonius oil drum VAWT fitted with LG Direct drive/smartdrive 3 phase 36 pole generator. Producing about 12v 1amp in this first test! 🙂 Goto for full details.

Micro eolico a La Spezia – Micro homemade wind turbine – Savonius

micro generatore eolico (alternatore + profilo alare)che ho realizzato ed installato sul mio terrazzo a la spezia. è un generatore ad asse verticale di tipo savonius, il cui profilo alare è stato ricavato usando un vecchio barile del petrolio inutilizzato. Questo video è stato girato una mattina in cui il vento raggiungeva al massimo i […]

DIY Savonius VAWT Vertical Axis Low Wind Generator Rotor

My first Savonius I make today. Using my homebrew CNC. Works very fine with low wind. No Electric Generator mounted. We have all the time low speed wind here. Now I try to buy an low speed electric energy generator from Ebay :-).

Savonius Wind Turbines – Saving the Environment while Saving Money

Vertical axis windmills have been around ever since the 9th century when early Persians used them to harness the power of the wind to pump water and grind their grains. This design has stood the test of time and is still being used today in the form of the Savonius wind turbine. Around the turn […]