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Energy security not about ‘locking in status quo’, says chief scientist

Alan Finkel challenges renewables alarmism, saying they provide ‘many viable technology paths to cutting emissions’ Australia’s chief scientist has challenged the resurgent political alarmism about renewable energy, saying energy security isn’t about locking in the status quo, it’s about ensuring the successful decarbonisation of electricity generation. In his first public comments since being asked to […]

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel advocates for renewable energy on first day

Australia will soon have a rolling 15-year plan for science and technology. Chief Scientist Alan Finkel will play a key role in developing the plan. View full post on Wind Power News

Scientist who likened wind industry to Hitler shapes as potential Turnbull government adviser

An expert who has likened the wind industry’s tactics to Hitler and claims the Australian Medical Association’s support for wind power is “corrupt” is among those that Senate crossbenchers want appointed as government advisers on wind power. The office of Environment Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed he still intends to appoint a scientific committee to […]

On climate change, – not a scientist’ not enough for some US Republicans

WASHINGTON: Rick Perry’s farewell speech to the Texas legislature listed the accomplishments expected from an outgoing Republican governor of the country’s largest oil-producing state. But his Jan. 15 speech also did something less predictable: touting his environmental record, from lowering Texas’ carbon emissions to turning the state into a global leader in wind energy production. […]

Climate scientist touts wind energy at NIU

Geoscientist Richard Alley speaks to NIU professor Reed Scherer, Tom Madden of Sugar Grove and Chris Madden of Warrenville at NIU’s Cole Hall on Friday. Alley, a renowned climate scientist, spoke to more than 200 people about climate change and renewable energy. View full post on Wind Power News

Scientist Roy Spencer is wrong: fossil fuels are expensive

Screengrab of Dr. Roy Spencer, who told Catholic Online that solar and wind power are too expensive. View full post on Wind Power News

Consider nuclear: former chief scientist

NUCLEAR power should be considered if the carbon tax does not make renewable energy competitive against coal and fossil fuels, former chief scientist Robin Batterham has said. View full post on Wind Power News