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Jordan Selects Finalists to Bid for 300MW of Solar, Wind Power an hour ago

Jordan selected 45 companies including France's Total SA and Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power as finalists to bid for six solar and wind energy power plants with total capacity of 300 megawatts of power. The 31 companies selected for the four solar power plants include Linuo Group, FRV Solar Holdings, ACWA Power, Chint Solar, Total Solar […]

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Selects Site in Mexico to Build Second Renewable Energy Tower

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. , the inventor of large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, announced that the Company is fully engaged in the development of their second Tower project in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. Early last month, the Company announced the acceleration of its development plans […]

First Wind Selects GE’s Wind PowerUp Platform To Increase Output From U.S. Wind Farms

First Wind has implemented PowerUp services at Milford I and Milford II farms in Utah, and plans to expand its use further into U.S. GE wind turbine fleet With PowerUp services installed at Milford, First Wind could realize up to 18,000 megawatt hours of additional generation, equivalent to the energy needed to power 1,500 American […]

Bharat Light & Power Selects OSIsoft PI System to Support Renewable Energy Growth in India

One of India’s leading renewable energy producers, BLP is using the PI System to manage 200MW of wind power project, with plans to introduce a new service offering aimed at improving the performance of wind power projects developed by other companies, as well. View full post on Wind Power News