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Solar and Wind Power Face Serious Threats From the Trump Administration

Less than a year into President Trump's time in office, clean energy developers face a slew of unanticipated threats from the White House and Republicans in Congress that could slow the industry's growth in ways unimaginable just a year ago. During Trump's presidential campaign, energy analysts were skeptical of his promise to preserve the coal […]

If we’re serious about industrial strategy, renewables is a good place to start

With the future of Hinkley Point in doubt and the government committed to assist British business, now is the time to get behind wind power Cancelling the planned new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point will be a huge victory for the offshore wind industry. The word from inside No 10 is not clear yet, […]

Canada Could Go 100 Percent Renewable By 2035 If Its Government Gets Serious About Climate Change

Canada can be a world leader in emissions reductions and renewable energy use, but only if its federal government decides to take climate change seriously, according to a new report. The report , published Wednesday by 70 Canadian academics, looked at Canada’s potential to shift its electricity production to renewable sources and cut its emissions. […]

Future of UK offshore wind power in ‘serious doubt’

The government has done too little to attract wind turbine manufacturers to set up in the UK, a thinktank study has found With shallow surrounding seas and a strong wind resource, the UK is regarded as one of the best sites in the world for turbines in the sea. View full post on Wind Power […]

How are communities raising serious money for green energy projects? | Chris Goodall

Locally known and trusted organisers seem to have helped build the impetus behind the fundraising This month a hydro project to generate electricity at a weir on the Thames in Oxford nearly £300,000 from 95 shareholders, three-quarters of whom live in Oxford, within two weeks of opening its offer. Just a few weeks ago, the […]