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Angus Taylor condemns us to another round of energy stupidity | Simon Holmes a Court

It’s not that Taylor is a climate change denier, it’s just that he’d rather work against effective climate policy Just as we begin to imagine life without Tony Abbott undermining every sensible interaction between climate and energy policy, his “energy brain” in the form of the new energy minister, Angus Taylor, is now calling the […]

Renewable energy won’t rid us of the horrors of coal | Simon Jenkins

The Turkish disaster has brought home the grave costs of mining. But hysteria-led policies will only make matters worse If 300 workers were to die in a nuclear accident or a shale gas blast, such an energy source would be doomed. Not so coal. Coal is the filthiest and most polluting form of energy, and […]

Wind turbines trash the landscape for the benefit of billionaires | Simon Jenkins

Energy policy is chaotic and incoherent. The myth that wind power is ‘free’ has driven Britain’s politicians mad Is it fair for the chancellor to cut pensions for the poor while offering a million pounds a year to the Duke of Roxburghe for letting the wind blow? Is it fair to offer half a million […]

Simon Hoggart’s week: the honour of being loathed

To be abhorred by Tony Benn is something any political writer of my age would sell their grannies for ✒ I have just received a tremendous honour, far greater than a KCMG or an appearance on Desert Island Discs. At the launch party for Gyles Brandreth’s new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations, […]

The U-turn on wind turbines won’t stop their march over every hill and valley | Simon Jenkins

Once planning was the defender of the countryside. But with Cameron’s lot in power, money talks and beauty is silent There is no room for more wind turbines on the uplands of Britain. There are too many lobbyists fighting for money. Thursday’s mild government U-turn on turbines may upset grant-soaked landowners, but is a lifeline […]

Once Chris Huhne has paid his debt to society, he’ll be off to make lots of money | Simon Hoggart

Eric Pickles’ food frotteurism, Seema Malhotra’s shot in the foot and wind farms: Simon Hoggart answers your queries Once again, I have devoted this column to answering your queries. • I see Eric Pickles has been answering questions on local government. He looks bigger than ever. What’s the reason? He gave an interview in which […]

In the wind turbine debate, who dares utter the B-word? | Simon Jenkins

Unless we find the words to discuss the beauty of our landscape, it will be desecrated by lines of great waving semaphores You can smash a building, bomb a city, impoverish a nation and the world grants you a hearing. But break the twig of a British tree and hobgoblins will descend and destroy you. […]