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Weatherwatch: wind turbines in the sun, slow but steady

How did Britain’s wind power stand up to the record-breaking hot summer of 2018? Researchers look back over 38 years Hot summers are often accompanied by calmer skies and a dip in wind power generation. Back in 2008, wind power only made up 1.5% of the UK’s electricity mix, but today wind power provides around […]

The cheapest oil ever still won’t slow down the clean energy revolution

President Obama is in the midst of a week of climate change-focused appearances, starting at a clean energy summit in Las Vegas Monday night and culminating in the first-ever visit to the U.S. Arctic in Alaska beginning August 31. The White House says clean energy is on the march, from rapidly expanding distributed solar installations […]

Offshore Wind Energy Sector off to Slow Start in US

When the Obama administration cleared the way five years ago for the nation’s first offshore wind farm to be built, advocates hoped it was the start of a new way of generating power along the East Coast. That project, Cape Wind’s wind farm off of Cape Cod, has stalled. View full post on Wind Power […]

Homemade wind turbine crash (slow motion)

Video en camara lenta del accidente de mi molino elico casero. Nótese el ruido de las aspas al principio.

Vintage ketch sets sail to launch slow cargo movement

New Dawn Traders project intended to find way of bringing goods back from South America under sail It spent years ferrying superstars and millionaires around the West Indies, but on Tuesday the sailing ship Irene will set off from Plymouth on what may turn out to be a more historic, and worthwhile, journey. Over the […]