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Smart charging won’t help adoption of electric cars, says SFU study

Tesla is no longer the only company making awe-inspiring electric cars. Iconic vehicles like the MINI, BMW Roadster, and the Volkswagen bus have now been reimagined with electric engines, and big-name manufacturers are pumping billions into developing the most efficient technology. View full post on Wind Power News

Renault’s ‘smart island’ runs on wind power and recycled batteries

Renault has launched a “smart island” in Portugal that uses its Zoe electric vehicle , home batteries, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid energy storage to run without fossil fuels. The idea is to make the Madeira island of Porto Santo energy independent and stimulate renewable energy production. View full post on Wind Power News

Top Facts About the Global Smart Transformer Market | Technavio

The report segments the global smart transformer market by type , and by geography . It provides a detailed illustration of the major factors influencing the market, including drivers, opportunities, trends, and industry-specific challenges. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Power Coating: Advent for Smart Coating Systems for Offshore Wind Farms to Bolster Demand

The Wind Power Coating Market is dominated by Asia Pacific owing to government initiatives to minimize greenhouse gas emission in the region. The aim to lower operating costs of independent power producers and utilities is driving the global Wind Power Coating Market. View full post on Wind Power News

The Canberra Coal Club ignores what most people know: the future will be clean and smart | Peter Lewis

The dirty and dumb antics and the anti-renewables rhetoric being amped up by our politicians is out of step with majority thinking on energy When Treasurer Scott Morrison clomped into parliament with his pet piece of coal after South Australia’s electricity network collapsed in the face of extreme weather he was indulging in more than […]

Smart energy technology ‘stymied by current policy’

Policy Exchange says policies boost growth in dirty diesel, arguing a smarter power grid could cut costs and curb emissions Smart technology that could shave £90 off household energy bills and curb carbon emissions is being stymied by government policy, a leading thinktank has said. In a wide-ranging report, Policy Exchange also claimed that current […]

Get Smart Fast: Off-shore Wind Power

Off-shore wind energy has long been considered an important option for renewable power especially given the focus on finding low-carbon or no-carbon energy sources. Off-shore winds are typically stronger and steadier over the ocean. View full post on Wind Power News

Opinion: The smart money is going green

Last month, the world reached a landmark agreement on climate change in Paris. This week, business leaders gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum need to start breathing life into that deal. View full post on Wind Power News

YateBTS 5.0 leads the way to smart farming

From the plains of Washington State to the dry Sahara, improving productivity is most farmers’ concern. While many IoT devices exist to support them, they need connectivity to work. View full post on Wind Power News

Smart grid on agenda at Clemson

Business executives, government and private-sector energy professionals and researchers representing 19 countries are slated to discuss smart-grid technology during Clemson University’s 14th Power Systems Conference . View full post on Wind Power News