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Xcel Energy has hopes for wind and solar projects with battery storage

An Xcel Energy proposal that attracted a multitude of low-cost bids to develop wind and solar projects in Colorado that include battery storage is raising hopes that the concept could become more widespread, including in A Minnesota. Wind and solar farms can produce electricity only A intermittently, and industrial-scale batteries are seen as way to […]

Homeowners get solar panels installed as part of a Solarize Tonawandaa program

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Solar and Wind Power Face Serious Threats From the Trump Administration

Less than a year into President Trump's time in office, clean energy developers face a slew of unanticipated threats from the White House and Republicans in Congress that could slow the industry's growth in ways unimaginable just a year ago. During Trump's presidential campaign, energy analysts were skeptical of his promise to preserve the coal […]

One of the biggest U.S. oil fields turns to an unexpected power source: solar

The Belridge oil field near Bakersfield, California, is one of the largest in the country. It has been producing oil for more than a century and last year produced around 76,000 barrels a day, according to operator Aera Energy. View full post on Wind Power News

World’s cheapest solar power is generated in Mexico

Solar power generated in Mexico is currently the world's cheapest – with prices as low as 1.77A /kWh, according to data from Mexico's Centro Nacional de Control de EnergA a . The price for solar in Mexico is just below that of Saudi Arabia at 1.77A /kWh, and is expected to continue to decrease to […]

Republican Tax Bill Hits Wind Power, Solar Largely Unscathed

A Republican tax bill unveiled on Thursday included cuts to renewable energy tax credits considered critical to enabling wind projects to compete with fossil fuel plants, but tax breaks for solar power were left largely intact. The wind industry decried the proposal, saying it put $50 billion in planned investment at risk, while the solar […]

First Major Solar Plant Built In Armenia

Armenia's first-ever major solar power plant went on stream on Friday, with a senior government official predicting the country's growing reliance on renewable sources of energy. The 0.5-megawatt plant has been built by a private company, Energo Invest Holding, in Tsaghkadzor, a resort town 60 kilometers north of Yerevan. View full post on Wind Power […]

In windy Denmark, clouds clearing for solar power

Denmark plans to make wind and solar power projects compete more equally for subsidies, a change that could boost solar panel installations. The Scandinavian country has used its natural windy conditions to take a world-leading position in wind energy, but analysts say current subsidy schemes favor wind at the expense of solar power, for which […]

DOE Study Disappoints Some Solar & Wind Fans

Advocates of renewable energy take issue with a new DOE report and what they perceive to be its negative slant on the intermittent nature of renewables like solar and wind power. A 187-page study released two weeks ago by the Department of Energy is being parsed and debated by industry groups with interests in renewables, […]

Japan looks to combine solar power with mushroom farming

Since the Fukushima disaster, Japan has focused on steering away from nuclear power and toward renewable energy generation, but an obstacle to that has been finding open land that can be used for solar or wind power because much of it is needed for agriculture. The solution, of course, is to combine the two. View […]