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In the shadow of wind farms: Some resist as wind industry booms

On May 20, 2012, the Sun set while in deep partial eclipse as seen from the U.S. Southwest. This scene was captured from the San Juan Mesa Wind Farm off US-70 highway in Elinda, N.M. Wind energy development has soared in the past decade. View full post on Wind Power News

Economics says time to shut down some coal plants

From Think Progress : Sadly the graph isn't global, it's for the 15 US states with the best wind resources. But for those states it's saying that the cost of just operating and fueling coal plants exceeds the cost for wind power of constructing, operating, and fueling. View full post on Wind Power News

DOE Study Disappoints Some Solar & Wind Fans

Advocates of renewable energy take issue with a new DOE report and what they perceive to be its negative slant on the intermittent nature of renewables like solar and wind power. A 187-page study released two weeks ago by the Department of Energy is being parsed and debated by industry groups with interests in renewables, […]

Here’s How Some Fortune 500 Companies Are Going Green

In honor of Earth Week, NBC looked at 5 of the most valuable companies to see what kind of green initiatives they are engaged in. It's Earth Week, and with much of the world focused on going green, NBC checked in with a few of the nation's most valuable companies to see how they're tackling […]

‘Really remarkable’: Finally some good news in the battle against climate change

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have stabilised for a third year in a row, in a shift that will reduce the risks of dangerous climate change if the trend continues, researchers say. CO2 emissions from the two sources last year were steady at about 9.9 gigatonnes, slowing from a pace that […]

Here Are Some Incredible Figures About the Profitability of China’s Wind Energy Companies

The South China Post reports some incredible figures about the profitability of China's wind energy companies. A new study by the Bank of China International is foreseeing profits of 25 to 64 percent for the rest of 2016. View full post on Wind Power News

Some Oklahoma oil, gas execs want to end wind tax credits

A wind farm development is seen north of Calumet on Thursday. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman CHRIS LANDSBERGER – CHRIS LANDSBERGER Some oil and gas executives, including Continental Resource’s Harold Hamm, are embarking on a campaign to end Oklahoma’s tax incentives for wind generation, saying the state can’t afford to subsidize a now-established industry […]

Wind power is so cheap at night in Texas, some companies give it away

In Texas, you could have a full-out appliance party at your house – with the dishwasher whirring, oven broiling, and laundry spinning – and as long as it’s after 9 p.m. and you’re on the right electricity plan, the extra energy use won’t cost you a thing. More than 50 Texas utility companies are offering […]

The Senate’s New Tax Bill Has Some Pretty Good News For The Wind Industry

In this July 28, file 2014 photo, two donkeys run through a pasture in front of wind turbines in Calumet, Okla. Tax credits that helped lure dozens of wind farms to Oklahoma are now being blamed as an example of costly tax subsidies that are helping to blow a hole in the state’s budget and […]

#allthecommissioners: Twitter makes some more essential appointments

After a leaked document revealed Tony Abbott’s government plans to create a windfarm commissioner, Twitter turned its hive mind to the task of appointing people to sort out other bothersome things Word of the Abbott government’s proposal of a “windfarm commissioner” – to determine their visual appeal, perhaps – has been received with glee on […]