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Rocky Mountain Power to spend $2 billion on wind farm turbines, upgrades

A transmission line, electrical collector system and a collector substation are proposed to be installed at the Cedar Springs Wind Project approximately 19 miles northeast of Glenrock, according to a public notice from RMP. The upgrades and additions are a part of RMP's Energy Vision 2020 Plan, a plan to add 1,100 megawatts of new […]

JPS to spend US$100m to reduce energy costs

The Jamaica Public Service Company , the island's sole distributor of electricity, said it will be doubling its expenditure on energy projects by December this year in an attempt to drive down the cost of energy. JPS views the investment as key to driving efficiencies, according to Chairman Seji Kawamura, who was appointed earlier this […]

Allian to spend $1 billion on wind energy in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa July 27, 2016 Iowans will soon see a significant increase in clean, economical wind generation from Alliant Energy. Alliant Energy CEO Patricia Kampling and Gov. Terry Branstad announced the utility will invest approximately $1 billion to expand its wind energy operations in the state. View full post on Wind Power News

G20 nations spend $452 bn a year supporting fossil fuels: study

The G20 group of major economies spend $452 billion per year supporting fossil fuel industries, despite their primary role in causing climate change, according to a study released on Thursday. The report, which comes ahead of a crunch UN meeting in Paris to try to forge a global deal to avoid disastrous levels of climate […]

Uruguays beloved Pepe bows out to spend time with his Beetle and three-legged dog

In five years José Mujica transformed his country, but not his modest lifestyle As I drive along the port at Montevideo in a government pickup on my way to interview Uruguays outgoing president, José Mujica, a striking sight catches my eye. It is an image that reflects how this most unusual of leaders will have […]

Wind power could lead to £3bn spend in UK and 45,000 jobs by 2022

But bright future is by no means assured, with firms taking fright as government reviews subsidies With long tapering blades sweeping more than 100 metres into the air, turbines are the visible part of offshore windfarms – below the sea, strong foundations are laid and thick cables to carry the power ashore. Similarly, when it […]