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Kirby Mercer says progress still being made on offshore wind…

Last summer, Kirby Mercer said he and his partners needed an offtake agreement by the end of 2017 or key investors might lose interest in his offshore wind energy project. Two months into 2018, there is no such agreement with government, the utilities and potential customers for the power generated, but Mercer says things are […]

Despite Trump, American companies are still investing in renewable energy | John Abraham

Surveyed corporations stated that Trump’s election had no impact on their decision to buy renewable energy After the election of Donald Trump, many of us in the climate and energy fields were rightfully fearful. What would happen to international agreements to cut greenhouse gases? What would happen to funding for climate research? What would happen […]

Batteries Have Gotten Better, but There’s Still Room for Improvement

“Every technology has improved over the years except batteries! Why can't someone invent a better battery?” Man, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard someone say that – well, I'd have about $17.50. In fact, though, the average gadget fan is missing three huge points about batteries. View full post on Wind […]

Fiery Jay still to ‘blame for power crisis’

Watch South Australia's Premier shirtfront the Federal Energy Minister during the AGL virtual power plant joint announcement. Courtesy: 7 NEWS AS Premier Jay Weatherill exploded SA's relationship with the Federal Government in a spectacular public ambush, a Advertiser-Galaxy poll shows voters in key marginal seats believe he is “mostly to blame” for the state's power […]

Colorado is still No. 2 place for wind jobs – and it’s likely to stay that way

Colorado will likely keep its spot as the No. 2 state for wind jobs as analysts predict a 54.7 percent growth in the business sector here during the next four years. View full post on Wind Power News

Despite Delays, Wind Turbine Project Still Moving Foward

A wind project in the making for years is proceeding in northern Chautauqua County despite a number of obstacles to face and concerns to confront. View full post on Wind Power News

Is the wind industry still a safe bet for investors?

For investors who seek long-term low-risk investments, the 20 year lifespan of an onshore wind farm is an attractive prospect Four years ago, Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas was on the brink of bankruptcy. The company famous for sending in the bailiffs to evict employees occupying their Isle of Wight site, axed more than 3,700 […]

Government U-turn on renewables shows gas, oil and nuclear are still favourites

Now is not the time to pull the plug on supporting renewable energy. A few years of vital subsidies cannot make up for a century of support for fossil fuels. The entire global energy system is undergoing a clean revolution. The old certainties of centralised power and fossil fuels are falling apart before our eyes. […]

Still a buyers’ market as the ACT’s second wind auction brings in the bidders

SIMON Corbell says fifteen proposals have been received for the ACT’s second wind energy auction, reflecting strong industry interest. “The reverse auction for 200MW of capacity to support wind energy generation closed on Wednesday with more than 1,100MW of capacity put forward by bidders,” Simon said. View full post on Wind Power News

The cheapest oil ever still won’t slow down the clean energy revolution

President Obama is in the midst of a week of climate change-focused appearances, starting at a clean energy summit in Las Vegas Monday night and culminating in the first-ever visit to the U.S. Arctic in Alaska beginning August 31. The White House says clean energy is on the march, from rapidly expanding distributed solar installations […]