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Can Tech Stop Climate Change? We Asked An Expert.

If you keep up with the news, you’ve seen a lot about climate change in the past few weeks. World leaders reached a landmark deal on Saturday to curb the threat of global warming, and some of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs have joined the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to help. View full post on Wind […]

Brakes put on rights to stop wind farms

WIND farming buffer zones will be slashed after the Andrews Government announced it would overhaul planning laws to boost jobs in the renewable sector. Premier Daniel Andrews said the ability for householders to veto proposed wind turbine development will be reduced from a 2km to 1km. View full post on Wind Power News

Op-ed: Stop dumping billions into unreliable wind power

During George W. Bush’s administration, the Department of Energy set a wildly unrealistic goal to have 20 percent of the nation’s electricity come from wind by 2030. Now, the Obama Administration wishes to fulfill that goal by passing permanent subsidies for wind power. View full post on Wind Power News

Group asks URB to stop Colchester County wind project

A Bible Hill-area community group has turned to the provincial regulator in its effort to stop a wind energy project. “They’re industrializing our rural neighbourhood,” Claudia LeClerc, with the group Friends of Harmony, Greenfield and Surrounding Areas, said Monday. View full post on Wind Power News

Navitus Bay: Wind farm won’t stop visitors from coming to Bournemouth

Mike Unsworth, Navitus Bay Project Director, said: “While we welcome Bournemouth Council considering and taking a view on the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park development, some of its concerns are unfounded or misplaced. “We simply do not recognise their figure that the wind park will cost the local tourism industry A 100 million per year. […]

Fight to stop huge Ontario wind farm in court

The first court phase of a legal fight aimed at scuttling what would be one of Ontario’s largest wind-energy developments kicks off Monday with a farm family trying to force an immediate stop to its construction. Documents filed in support of their request show Shawn and Tricia Drennan are concerned about the potential harm the […]

Stop adding windmills, instead go nuclear

President Obama in his quest for energy independence wants to impose a rule that would allow windmill operation for 30 years and with thousands of windmill generators planned it may well cause the death of thousands more golden and bald eagles and millions of migrating bats, so essential to our agriculture industry and Mexico and […]

Action Alert: Help stop the all-out assault on clean energy in Ohio

Governor Kasich must use line-item veto to rid Ohio’s budget of wind farm set back – that can only happen if we act on it now call today 614-466-3555 or through email . View full post on Wind Power News

Stop Killing Birds: Is This an Environmental Fallacy About Wind Farms?

On one level that’s great news for the environment, but don’t expect the shift to be smooth sailing. View full post on Wind Power News

Alexander: Stop wasting $60B on wind energy tax break

Sen. Lamar Alexander said Congress should not renew the $60 billion wind energy tax credit. View full post on Wind Power News