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Preserving ridgelines while supporting wind power?

Editor of the Reformer: The draft Windham Regional Commission Energy Plan is disturbing, because its wording and its biases would effectively exclude economically efficient, acutely needed, renewable wind energy almost everywhere in the county where it would be feasible to site. Yet, I have some sympathies with industrial wind energy opponents, with those who would […]

Supporting responsible wind energy development will drive economic diversity

Wyoming is on the verge of a significant opportunity to take a major step forward for economic and energy industry diversification. This opportunity will contribute to a broader and more stable business environment for current and future generations of Wyoming residents. View full post on Wind Power News

Rope management specialist provides supporting act for renewables firms and rock stars

In this week's SME Focus we hear from an entrepreneur who is glad to be playing a part in efforts to boost high end manufacturing activity in Scotland. We design, manufacture and sell Limpet height safety and access systems. View full post on Wind Power News

G20 nations spend $452 bn a year supporting fossil fuels: study

The G20 group of major economies spend $452 billion per year supporting fossil fuel industries, despite their primary role in causing climate change, according to a study released on Thursday. The report, which comes ahead of a crunch UN meeting in Paris to try to forge a global deal to avoid disastrous levels of climate […]

Supporting wind power is good for the country

Because of smart state and federal policies American wind power is now a mainstream, renewable energy source that fosters economic benefits in all 50 states, including benefits right here in California. View full post on Wind Power News

Prince George’s Religious Leaders Supporting Offshore Wind

Religious leaders in Prince George’s County are calling on Maryland lawmakers to support offshore wind power development. View full post on Wind Power News