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Sustainable energy balance needed to meet rising global demand, say experts

Moscow, Dec 25 : With global energy demand expected to grow 30 per cent by 2040 as per International Energy Agency estimates, a sustainable energy balance needs to be achieved to meet this requirement while also ensuring reduction in hazardous emissions, experts said. A stable and safe energy balance will require a combination of different […]

Special Report: NCPO seeking sustainable energy to ensure sufficient supply

Thailand is looking at the issue of adequate energy supply to meet the growing demand for consumption in the future. View full post on Wind Power News

Earth Moves (or not) Toward a Sustainable Future

Over the next two decades the number of city dwellers is expect to rise to 5 billion, putting pressure on transportation systems energy and water use, and waste disposal. View full post on Wind Power News

Solon Backs Green, Sustainable Dev’t

VIGAN CITY A lady legislator emphasized her call for the nation to pursue green, sustainable, and resilient development to prevent a “bleak and environmentally degraded future” that an Asian Development Bank study disclosed. View full post on Wind Power News

Do Your Part: Sustainable brews for the summertime

Summer is here and many of us will be enjoying outdoor barbecues and celebrations. View full post on Wind Power News

We can have safe, sustainable energy

Progress in renewables shows rapid change is possible; the output from onshore wind has grown 27% annually over 10 years. View full post on Wind Power News