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Don’t let TSB’s woes convince you Britain is a nation of tech dunces

Despite high-profile incidents like the one that has hit the UK bank, the UK’s record on bungling IT projects is hardly different to other leading nations It was all so different for Paul Pester last December. Unveiling TSB’s new banking platform, he claimed that it had created “a more digital, agile and flexible TSB”. Before […]

Tech firms like Google, Amazon push power companies toward solar and wind, a blow to coal

Even where coal is king, demand from companies like Apple, Google and Amazon for renewable energy has pushed utilities to ink solar and wind power deals. Tech firms like Google, Amazon push power companies toward solar and wind, a blow to coal Even where coal is king, demand from companies like Apple, Google and Amazon […]

Colorado students find niche in tech and hands-on school programs

Students work next to a robot designed to allow an absent student to follow the lesson from home on January 21, 2014 in Lyon. The old shop classes in Colorado schools that included drill bits, lumber and T-squares have morphed into a place where robotics, virtual reality and wind power are being taught. View full […]

Nanotech ‘superbatteries’ that can last longer than current tech begin mass production

A Czech company opened on Monday a production line for batteries based on nanotechnology, which uses tiny parts invisible to human eyes. Then, Prague-based company HE3DA said Monday it is ready to launch other lines in a new plant built in eastern Czech Republic, and at a factory in Slovakia. View full post on Wind […]

Tech Times | Wind on the upswing – As it gets ever cheaper, wind…

Last May, I attended an international meeting on wind energy in Portugal, where 100 per cent of that country's electricity demand was met by renewable energy -a combination of solar, wind, and hydro – for four days. There have also been several short periods in which wind generation alone has exceeded 40 per cent of […]

European clean tech industry falls into rapid decline

Investment in low-carbon energy in Europe last year plummeted by more than half to $58bn, the lowest level in a decade, analysis shows Europe’s once world-beating clean technology industry has fallen into a rapid decline, with investment in low-carbon energy last year plummeting to its lowest level in a decade. The plunge in European fortunes […]

Can Tech Stop Climate Change? We Asked An Expert.

If you keep up with the news, you’ve seen a lot about climate change in the past few weeks. World leaders reached a landmark deal on Saturday to curb the threat of global warming, and some of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs have joined the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to help. View full post on Wind […]

SheerWind Licenses Wind Tech in Denmark

In this edition of the Ethanol Report we have an interview from a California farm broadcaster with president and CEO Bob Dinneen. SheerWind Inc. has signed a licensing agreement that will allow its technology to be marketed and deployed in Denmark. View full post on Wind Power News

Tech signs memo with firm over wind power

Congratulations, you’re now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we’ll send them straight to your inbox. A memorandum of understanding was recently signed by Brendan McGrath, CEO Gaelectric Developments, and Leo Murphy, Chief Executive and Principal, North West Regional College to promote renewable energy technology solutions, and […]

Offshore Wind Tech Being Tested

In case you missed it – all the audio and photos from the 20th National Ethanol Conference can be found here in one place China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited’s super compact drive offshore wind turbine prototype of 6.5MW platform has begun a commercial trial operation in Rudong, China. The 5 -7 MW wind […]