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‘Don’t dump windfarms on us’: residents tell energy giant

AGL community relations manager Hannah Coffey told a meeting of residents on Wednesday that AGL accepted that “a lot of people have had bad experiences with AGL” at its Macarthur windfarm which was why they were taking the unprecedented step of engaging with community before it reached the application stage. Renewable energy project developer Wind […]

Tell Congress, “End Wind Energy Tax Giveaways Now”

There is a good chance that the Lame Duck Congress could vote as early as Wednesday, December 4, on extending huge taxpayer subsidies for Big Wind energy companies for another three, five or more years. Citizens concerned about high-cost electricity, skyrocketing government debt, and massive giveaways of hard-earned tax dollars to crony corporations should call […]

‘Too big, too close and in the wrong location’, critics tell Navitus Bay wind farm meeting

There were speakers for and against the project, but the majority of the 630-strong audience supported the view that it was ‘too big, too close and in the wrong location’. View full post on Wind Power News

Don’t scrap wind power banking: Manufacturers tell Tamil Nadu –

Chennai, June 27: The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association has asked the Tamil Nadu government to call a meeting of stake-holders in wind energy sector in the state to decide on the issues of wind power banking instead of totally scrapping it. View full post on Wind Power News

Congress stalling wind-power growth, Leitner-Poma officials tell Bennet

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, right, and Rick Spear, center, president of Leitner-Poma, look at work by engineer Ben Shepardson during a tour of the company’s facilities Monday near Grand Junction Regional Airport. View full post on Wind Power News

Starbucks, Nike, Yahoo Tell Congress To Renew Key Wind Power Tax Credit

At any moment Congress will decide whether to extend the production tax credit , which gives wind power producers a 2.2 cent tax credit for every kilowatt hour of power they produce. View full post on Wind Power News