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It’s true, wind turbines are monstrous. But I have learned to love them | Alice O’Keeffe

At first I resented the way they blocked the view. But now the towers look like part of a brighter future Over the last few months I have been watching with mixed feelings as the Rampion wind farm emerges like a great monster from the sea off Brighton beach. It has happened so quickly: one […]

Electricity competition worked for them

Nevadans on Nov. 8 will vote on an important ballot question about ending electric-generation monopolies and allowing all electricity customers to choose the company that will generate their electricity. Twenty years ago, Pennsylvania's electricity customers also were captured by their monopoly utilities and were paying the price for their captivity. View full post on Wind […]

The WilliesWHAT Would I do Without Them?

As we watch hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil gush into the Gulf of Mexico after the the explosion and sinking of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil platform, perhaps this is another wake-up call to start moving our economy away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. It’s not a far-fetched idea. View full […]

DIY Solar Panels – So Simple Anyone Can Make Them – DIY solar panels – So Simple Anyone Can Make Them when E4E’s plans are so simple to follow anyone regardless of technical ability can build their … Stop paying the electrical company and maybe even have them pay you. … Anyone can learn how a solar panel and windmill works … offer Windmill […]

Every windfarm mapped – and the MPs who hate them

Map: What difference do anti-windfarm MPs make? Where are those MPs based – and where are the windfarms? Simon Rogers View full post on Environment: Wind power |

Residential Wind Turbines – Can You Use Them Efficiently ?

Many people living in cities are desperate to take advantage of having a residential wind turbine installed, but in a lot of circumstances this may prove to be difficult  Cities tend to be  some of the least hospitable places for wind turbines to be located. Wind turbines generally work most efficiently when placed in an […]