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When it comes to oil and gas, – keep it in the ground’ is the worst thing to do

It has become fashionable among some environmentalists to declare that little of consequence would happen to the nation's economy if oil and natural gas production were to be phased out. Proponents of say that as motorists shift to electric vehicles, the need for fossil fuels will rapidly decline, replaced by batteries that run on solar […]

Next Big Thing: Wind power for retail

On a wind farm near McAllen, Texas, with windmills that stand taller from tip to base than the Statue of Liberty, Home Depot is harvesting enough electricity to power 100 Home Depot stores. The juice is flowing because of the Atlanta-based retailer's deal with EDP Renewables North America, a deal that marks Home Depot's first […]

Less Money, Less Problems? Why Declining Renewable Energy Investment Might Be a Good Thing

Renewable energy investments are tumbling worldwide, falling even further from their 2011 high. View full post on Wind Power News