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Work on UK’s biggest onshore windfarm to begin next year

Vattenfall’s Pen y Cymoedd in Wales will have a 25-year life span and is expected to contribute £45m to the economy Construction of one of Britain’s biggest windfarms will begin next year, energy bosses have confirmed. Swedish firm Vattenfall says its Pen y Cymoedd windfarm in south Wales will have a 25-year life span and […]

Innovation: the key to transforming the UK’s energy systems

The increasing reliance of all modern societies on plentiful supplies of energy and particularly electricity poses significant challenges to governments, business and indeed the individual consumer. View full post on Wind Power News

McIntyre’s talk in London – Plus, the UK’s tilting…

McIntyre’s talk in London – Plus, the UK’s tilting at windmills may actually increase CO2 emissions over natural gas At The Register, Andrew Orlowski attended the talk and has a news article describing Steve McIntyre’s talk at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, which was an event hosted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. […]

Wadebridge, the UK’s first solar-powered town – video

Wadebridge in Cornwall aims to become the first town in the country to run significantly on renewable energy sources View full post on Environment: Wind power |

This government has blown the UK’s wind potential off course | Caroline Flint

Britain risks missing a golden opportunity to reboot the economy and create a new market through renewables Wind is not something the UK is short of. In fact, we’re the windiest country in Europe. We’re the world’s eighth largest producer of wind energy; it’s our second largest source of renewable energy, with the capacity to […]

Analysis reveals folly of betting UK’s energy future on cheap gas over wind | Damian Carrington

Targeting subsidies to create viable new energy sources carries less risk than backing gas as cheap or low-carbon Electricity produced by wind turbines in the UK may be cheaper than that generated by burning gas within five years, even if the climate-warming pollution from the latter is allowed to be pumped straight into the air. […]

Share offer for UK’s first ‘reservoir power’ community turbine

Pennine villages plan to harness regular water releases from United Utilies dam at Dove Stone on the edge of the Peak District national park While battles continue in many parts of the north against wind turbines, with David Hockney doing his bit for protesters in the Wolds, a quieter form of energy is making progress. […]