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University engineers road-test prototype

The group of mechanical engineering students, called Sussex Power Storm, made a prototype as part of their degree studies and completed some basic functional testing before they experimented with the eco-friendly vehicle on land at Shoreham Port. They were given access by the authority to the revetment road on the Outer Layby, just east of […]

University president: Wind a welcome partner in NW Oklahoma

Indeed, at Oklahoma Panhandle State University the wind is at our backs thanks to a high level of investment and collaboration among the Oklahoma wind industry, higher education and CareerTech. The momentum comes from recent announcements that $350,000 would be donated by wind developers and Public Service Co. View full post on Wind Power News

University of Illinois signs wind energy contract

Under the deal the school pays little less than 4 cents per kilowatt hour for the wind energy. That price is locked in for the duration of the agreement. View full post on Wind Power News

T. Boone Pickens Speaking at Clemson University

The Washington Post says that “perhaps the strangest role” Pickens “has fashioned for himself is his current one: the billionaire speculator as energy wise man, an oil-and-gas magnate as champion of wind power, and a lifetime Republican who has become a fellow traveler among environmentally minded Democrats Pickens is among the billionaires who … (more) […]

Wind turbine added to University of Guam

Up and running: The University of Guam’s wind turbine is up and running. It’s a demonstration of how renewable energy can help reduce the island’s dependency on imported fuel. View full post on Wind Power News

Appalachian State University Wind Turbine Screaming Weasel

Appy state’s wind energy professor tells people at wind education forums, that their wind turbine is quiet. He also deceives those that attend by telling the…

Delhi University Students to Harness Wind Energy Produced by Metro Trains

Students of the Kalindi Colege at Delhi University have received approval to pilot a project that will use the high-speed winds generated by metro trains to produce energy. View full post on Wind Power News

University of Oklahoma, OG&E tout wind power partnership

Construction on the OU Spirit Wind Farm, a 10,000-acre farm near Woodward, is shown on Sept. View full post on Wind Power News