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Wind turbines pit environmentalists against neighbors tired of noise, view

A Dispatch videographer straps on a protective harness, hard hat and safety glasses, joined by two employees of the farm's operator, EDP Renewables. They are about to climb inside one of 55 wind turbines at Timber Road II wind farm in Paulding County. View full post on Wind Power News

The Observer view on Scotland’s windfarm dilemma | Observer editorial

The government must find a way to proceed with green energy projects while maintaining responsibility for its environment For anyone who has concerns about our environment and about humanity’s future in a rapidly heating world, the proposed construction of massive offshore windfarms in Scotland’s Firths of Forth and Tay poses a dilemma of some magnitude. […]

Your View: Offshore wind power is the commonwealth’s golden opportunity

Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts, I have been in awe of the power of the ocean as long as I can remember. Endless days on the beach, countless adventures offshore, truly amazing migrations of birds and whales, and feasts of fresh seafood are among the many contributions the ocean makes to our culture […]

What next for renewables in cities? – the expert view

A complex range of factors is shaping how and why cities adopt renewable energy, from costs to the need for stable power supplies As renewable energy projects are rolled out in cities around the world, we spoke to companies and organisations working in the sector to find out what’s happening and what to expect. Here’s […]

Herald View: A question of balance in the key energy questions

ALL areas of government policy require a balancing act. Needs are balanced against costs. View full post on Wind Power News

Your View: The clock is ticking on offshore wind

While Massachusetts is talking about offshore wind, Rhode Island is acting. This summer, the final phase of construction will take place on Deepwater Wind's Block Island Wind Farm. View full post on Wind Power News

Our View: Port plan sets the right course

The New Bedford waterfront has been the city’s most important natural feature longer than there has been a New Bedford. It supported or continues to support whaling, textiles, manufacturing, fishing, ferries and freight, through two economic pinnacles. View full post on Wind Power News

National View: OtherWords: Al Gore moves to the bright side

In addition to proving that people will pay good money to watch a movie co-starring Al Gore and a PowerPoint presentation, that Oscar-winning documentary elevated climate change to an issue that everyone should fret about. His mild Tennessee accent hasn’t faded, and he doesn’t look older. View full post on Wind Power News

Our View: Wind power opponents should blow off steam at McCrory

It’s hard sometimes to figure out which way the wind is blowing. Either North Carolina supports wind power, or it doesn’t. View full post on Wind Power News

Your View: Antonio F.D. Cabral a ” Fighting for New Bedford in the energy debate

Those were the questions that the Legislature, the governor, utilities and environmentalists came together to begin answering at the Statehouse on Sept. 29. I was proud to testify on behalf of my bill that would require that off-shore wind be one source of our electricity. View full post on Wind Power News