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Weatherwatch: vortex ‘streets’ that can flatten power stations

Kármán found that air flowing around an obstacle broke away into distinct whirlwinds – causing wires to sing or towers to wobble A Kármán vortex street is a series of whirlwinds produced by a cylindrical object, such as a tower, in the wind. The stream of miniature tornadoes travels downwind of the obstacle at regular […]

Texas power consumption up in 2014 as Polar Vortex leaves its mark

ERCOT’s year-end report shows power consumption was up in 2014 and new records were set in the winter months. Texas consumed 8.4 million megawatt hours more electricity in 2014 than it did in 2013, a 2.5 percent increase. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind power saved electricity consumers during last year’s ‘polar vortex,’ trade group says

With temperatures plunging again, the wind industry’s trade group said last year’s “polar vortex” was tempered for consumers by the availability of wind energy. The American Wind Energy Association said its analysis shows electricity consumers saved $1 billion when utilities shifted to wind power as natural gas spot prices escalated during a cold snap in […]

Atmospheric Vortex Engine Harnesses the Power of Tornadoes to Create Clean Energy

A tornado is rarely something to be seen in a positive light, but the creators of the Atmospheric Vortex Engine hope to harness properties of the extreme weather phenomenon to create cheap, renewable power. View full post on Wind Power News