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Florida says no to power Voters should demand the state open its…

Florida's Constitution Revision Commission recently denied a promising proposal that would have given consumers the right to choose their electricity provider and the source of the electricity they consume. Such a shift would usher in a wave of competition that would lower prices for consumers, bring in new technology and unleash innovative renewable and green […]

Trump’s Electric Grid Plan Could Hurt Voters That Swung Him the Election

Conservative energy policy experts are worried a new Trump administration policy proposal to compensate coal and nuclear power plants for stockpiling fuel could have significant consequences for some of his most ardent supporters. Namely, propping up coal and nuclear power plants could hurt natural gas-producing states that supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 election. […]

League of Women Voters hosts debate on benefits, detriments of wind power in Chautauqua County

In light of the controversy surrounding the growing number of wind power projects in Chautauqua County, the League of Women Voters hosted a debate on the topic at the Jamestown Community College North County Center in Dunkirk. Dr. Mark Twichell, of the group Preservation of Agricultural Land Serenity , urged caution and called for further […]

Prime Minister David Cameron gives personal message on EU referendum to Lincolnshire voters

Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. Prime Minister David Cameron has given his personal message to voters in Lincolnshire on why they should vote to remain in the European Union in Thursday's referendum. View full post on […]

Newfound Area Voters Again Show Distaste For Wind Power At Town Meeting

For the second year in a row, voters in the Newfound region have used town-meeting day to voice their disapproval of proposed wind development in the area. View full post on Wind Power News

German Power Premium Most Since ’98 Tests Voters: Energy Markets

Germany ‘s drive to increase renewable energy sources has created the biggest discrepancy between consumer and producer power prices in 15 years, turning the cost of electricity into a political battleground before the Sept. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Power Setback? Why Does the GOP in Congress Hate these Loyal GOP Voters?

Why do Congressional Republicans hate Logan County, Illinois. Even in Oklahoma, there aren’t a lot of places redder than Logan County, Illinois, a Prairie State flatland community situated between Chicago and Springfield, along Interstate 55 and the Amtrak line to Chicago . View full post on Wind Power News