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PV Systems That Divert Surplus Power to a Water Heater

If your local utility won't offer you a net-metering agreement, you can use your surplus electricity to heat water A solar diverter is a control that compares whole-house power consumption with the power produced by a PV system. When PV output exceeds on-site power usage, the controller sends the excess PV power to the home's […]

Fantasy art: the future of energy and water technology – in pictures

They look like designs from the pages of a futurist’s notepad, but the concepts below are all finalists in the biennial public art contest held by the Land Art Generator Initiative (Lagi). These ideas illustrate the possibility of marrying aesthetics with renewable energy and water technology and educate the public about the challenges of addressing […]

How Edison uses water to store excess power

Production manager Joel Preheim walks near the generator at the John S. Eastwood Power Station at Southern California Edison’s Big Creek hydroelectric system. This year, SCE probably will get no electricity out of the station because of the drought. View full post on Wind Power News

Switching to biofuels could place unsustainable demands on water use

Transition away from fossil fuels is underway, but without assessing demands on land and water resources we put the future health of our planet at risk As the world moves towards renewable sources of energy, it faces an accompanying challenge: water scarcity. The intensive water use in the coal, oil, gas and nuclear industries is […]

Solar, wind energy to run water system

This is currently being looked into in Alapang, La Trinidad Benguet as a private company proposed a renewable form of energy to run their water system instead of electricity. Roger Bibal of the Namnama Scientific Environmental Technology Corporation told media it has a project with the Alapang Multipurpose Cooperative, which aims to use solar and […]

Massachusetts wind farm may be dead in the water

Forests of towering wind turbines filling the horizon off the shores of Massachusetts? Perhaps not. The Cape Wind Project was billed as America’s first offshore wind farm well over a decade ago, and it’s been the recipient of vast amounts of taxpayer subsidized cash to get the development effort off the ground. View full post […]

Project Dome Could Power Copenhagen Using Energy From the Sun, Wind, Water, and Biomass

Project Dome is a design proposal submitted to this year’s Land Art Generator Initiative design competition , a contest that solicits ideas for constructible regenerative architecture in Copenhagen. View full post on Wind Power News

Terrified about methane burps and water shortages? Start mitigating right now: SolarCoin

If the world stopped burning fossil fuels for energy RIGHT NOW and carbon emissions came to a full stop, we would survive as a civilization. View full post on Wind Power News

We may be out of water by 2040

Disturbing study has been conducted with researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark, Vermont Law School and CNA Corporation . View full post on Wind Power News

Pay heed to water use in climate change mitigation: Experts

Besides cutting greenhouse gas emissions, technology, policies or plans that aim to slow down climate change should also take environmental factors such as water usage into account, say researchers. View full post on Wind Power News