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Hurricanes wreak the havoc of climate change – but is a green energy solution in sight? | Jonathan Watts

In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the market has finally bought into the business case for renewable energy. The price of change is getting cheaper Like the debate over gun control, the public discussion in the US about whether to take action on the climate has often been characterised as a struggle between […]

Gigha watts: Scottish island tests batteries for wind farms

Battery project involving 75,000 litres of sulphuric acid will allow Scottish island to store wind power it cannot transmit The Scottish island of Gigha is to be the focus of a £2.5m experiment aimed at solving a major technological problem: how to store energy generated by wind, tide and wave power plants. The project, which […]

Wind Turbine 1000 Watts – Jamaican made

This is a Jamaican made 1000 Watts Wind Turbine. The turbine is located in the New Kingston area. All the components except for the blades and the magnets ar…

Homemade DIY Wind generator 100 watts My DIY Wind generator 100 watts was made for £50 ($100). see my website for free plans and downloads:

D. I. Y. Wind turbine and 310 watts solar array

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Newberry Wind Electric Generator 1000 watts

One Kilowatt wind generator. 24 v 3 phase axial flux generator Supports deep cycle batteries. 800cca. Includes rectifiers for conversion to 12 v dc Reduces a…

Jamaican Built Wind Turbine 1000 Watts

This is a dual rotor generator using 24 magnets and 9 coils. The coils were casted in fibreglass resin. The drive shaft is 1 inch diameter and the blades 36 inches (Wind Grabber from Windy Nation Inc) The output at 200 rpm is 18.5 vdc and 13.25 amps. The volt to rpm ratio is 0.0925. […]

DIY Wind turbine and 310 watts solar array

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