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Kelp Farms and Mammoth Windmills Are Just Two of the Government’s Long-Shot Energy Bets

The goal of this offbeat project? To see if it's possible to farm vast quantities of seaweed in the open ocean for a new type of carbon-neutral biofuel that might one day power trucks and airplanes. Unlike the corn- and soy-based biofuels used today, kelp-based fuels would not require valuable cropland. View full post on […]

William DeOreo: Windmills are not the answer

View of a windmill farm in La Ventosa, Juchitan community, Oaxaca State, Mexico in July of this year. I read Alex Burness' article about how Xcel is morphing into a green energy company , but there are points that need clarification. View full post on Wind Power News

PM admits windmills didn’t cause blackout

Malcolm Turnbull has admitted windmills didn't cause a South Australia-wide blackout last year as the renewable energy debate heats up. On the same September evening power went out across the state last year, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the blackout raised questions about the virtue of increasing the amount of renewable energy. View full post […]

Dane to push wind power, not tilt at windmills on U.S. tour

Denmark's minister in charge of energy policy plans to head to the U.S. this year to talk to state representatives to promote wind energy despite open declarations of hostility toward the technology from President Donald Trump. Lars Christian Lilleholt, energy minister in Denmark's minority center-right coalition led by Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, has just […]

Trump Hates Windmills More Than HillaryOlivia Nuzzi

It's impossible to discern what Donald Trump actually believes, if anything at all, but there is one policy position on which he has never wavered: wind turbines. Since 2012, he's tweeted about how much he abhors the devices, which convert kinetic energy from wind into electricity, no less than 111 times as of press time. […]

Tilting against windmills? Industry doubts NSW support for wind farms

New wind farm guidelines are expected to impose tough requirements on developers to limit their visual impact in a move that proponents say will put NSW at a disadvantage to other states. The proposed guidelines, requiring developers to prepare visual impact assessments according to the height of turbines, were disclosed by the planning department to […]

Windmills Have Direct Benefits for Farmers

Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst’s “How Wind Farms Blow Away Rights on Real Farms” ignores the benefits of low-cost wind energy and the necessity of transmission projects to deliver wind’s consumer savings to ratepayers across the country. View full post on Wind Power News

Stop adding windmills, instead go nuclear

President Obama in his quest for energy independence wants to impose a rule that would allow windmill operation for 30 years and with thousands of windmill generators planned it may well cause the death of thousands more golden and bald eagles and millions of migrating bats, so essential to our agriculture industry and Mexico and […]

Weatherwatch: Wind turbines may be opposed but windmills are attractions

There are still many windmills in the British countryside, and they are seen as attractions, while wind turbines are frequently vehemently opposed. In the 18th and 19th century when there were thousands more windmills they were also controversial, built by entrepreneurs cashing in on the high price of corn and flour. Most towns had three […]