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Currituck hears from wind-powered energy critic

CURRITUCK A critic of wind turbine-powered energy is urging the Currituck County Commission to consider crafting a regulatory ordinance to protect county residents. John Droz, of Morehead City, described himself as a citizen advocate, a scientist, an environmental champion and a defender of the military in appearing before the board at an April 2 Currituck […]

How an energy-efficient house can become a big wind-powered battery

Passivhaus or PassiveHouse buildings have a lot of insulation and lose heat very slowly; I have previously called them thermal batteries, speaking figuratively. But now Es Tressider of Lean Green Consulting and Highland Passive shows how PassiveHouse buildings could literally be batteries, storing wind power. View full post on Wind Power News

‘Harvest’ funds climate research with wind-powered cryptocurrency mining rigs

Creative means to fund climate change research may be an art project, but it could work outside of galleries, too. Given the fact that, for now, Earth's the only home we've got, climate change is a subject well worth researching. View full post on Wind Power News

NRG Energy: A Bet On A Wind-Powered Future

NRG Energy, through its subsidiary Green Mountain Energy, is one of the largest producers of renewable power in the United States. Utility-scale renewable generation is better for the average consumer who wants to reduce their carbon footprint than on-premises installations. View full post on Wind Power News

All electric trains in the Netherlands are entirely wind-powered

All electric trains in the Netherlands are now powered entirely by wind energy. It's the first railway network in the world to rely completely on renewable energy, providing carbon-free travel to over 600,000 daily passengers. View full post on Wind Power News

Dutch trains become 100% wind-powered

The national railway company, NS, said that its renewable energy target had been met a year earlier than planned All Dutch trains have become 100% powered by electricity generated by wind energy, the national railway company NS has said . “Since 1 January, 100% of our trains are running on wind energy,” said NS spokesman, […]

Google Quietly Opens Dutch Wind-Powered Facility Amid Scandal

Just days after making a pledge to power all of its worldwide data centers with 100 percent renewable energy by the end of 2017, Google very quietly opened its Eemshaven, Netherlands facility last week, according to Dutch online news service , which spoke to local union leaders there. But the news wasn't even covered […]

Using wind-powered freighters to reduce fuel consumption by 40 percent

International shipping is transporting 90 percent of all goods on earth. Running on heavy fuel oil freighters contribute to pollution. View full post on Wind Power News

Ken Braun: If the climate is ablaze, why waste time and money on wind-powered fire trucks?

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts we can’t stop the impact of rising seas and flooded cities, and demands radical cuts to carbon emissions or Doomsday will be worse. View full post on Wind Power News

Microsoft looks to boost eco credentials with wind-powered data centre

Entire output of 110MW wind project in Texas bought up by tech giant, in move that displaces coal from supply chain Microsoft is moving to close the gap with other tech giants by agreeing to buy up all of the electricity produced by a Texas wind project to power one of its data centres. Company […]