This war on windfarms is the Tories latest sop to Ukip | Polly Toynbee

David Cameron once fixed a turbine to his roof. Now his government is blocking the cheapest clean energy

In his campaign to stamp out onshore wind power, communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles has just halted his 50th onshore wind project. Accused by Labour and Lib Dems of exceeding his powers, he overrides local planning systems and inspectors, pulling 85% of wind energy capacity out of the standard process for purely political purposes.

Just as onshore wind becomes the cheapest renewable energy source, the Conservatives have committed to effectively abolishing it: their manifesto will pledge to remove subsidies, jeopardising future investment and rural jobs. Small local nimby groups find Pickles ever-eager to block windfarms in their back yards. Thats despite overwhelming public support, where poll after poll finds two thirds are in favour of onshore windfarms, including in their own districts, surprisingly resistant to the vigorous climate-change denial and anti-windfarm campaign by the Conservatives and their press.

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