‘UK rations healthcare on who needs it, the US does not’: your best comments today

We look at some of the articles provoking reader conversation today, including Donald Trump’s comments on the NHS, the global stock market and wind power

Donald Trump’s comments on the state of the UK’s health service, and the UK’s involvement in Europe’s offshore wind power, the global stock market plunge, and whether restaurant tips should go to the owners or workers have got readers talking today.

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In the UK, we ration healthcare based on who needs it the most. In the US, healthcare is rationed based on who can afford it. Screw which one is cheaper. The question is, which is more moral? The answer should be obvious.
Anthony Cooper

Americans also need to know that while the NHS is struggling, the UK has a “Conservative” government that threw a billion pounds at the DUP in a desperate attempt to cling to power.

One American friend said something rather profound to me.

He said (and I’m paraphrasing) - “stop thinking of this as a healthcare issue and start thinking of it as a race issue - white people just don’t want to pay for black people’s healthcare”

Not more misleading hype. It’s just playing catch up. Germany, with more than 7 times as much wind power as the UK, is not currently installing anymore because they have more than their grid can handle. France has twice as much, and so on. The only reason the UK installed more than half of Europe’s total is because the other countries have so much already, they are close to capacity.

Er yeah. Blighty as usual is allowing multinational companies to build this needed infrastructure. Meaning we, as we do now, pay much of our energy bills to other countries. I’m no flag waving idiot, but it makes way more sense to produce energy locally - allow and incentivise local council to get involved, not EDF and the big companies who have pushed the cost of the trnasition onto the poorest. Also onshore wind is cheaper.
lee towers

Rampant capitalism! What do we expect. Time for a socialist agenda. Setting priorities that benefit the people not corporate capital. Privatisation does not benefit us, only gamblers in profit. Nationalize utilities. Introduce a Robin Hood tax. Invest in health, schools, environmental projects....we don’t have to be hostages to their (mis)fortune, but act to protect our own future! Solidarity!

Interest rates have been at historic lows for almost 10 years now. There is no way this can go on indefinitely. What we are witnessing now is the beginning of the end - of low interest rates and bloated stock values.

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