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What Polly Toynbee didnt say (This war on windfarms is the Tories latest sop to Ukip, 28 October) was that two weeks ago wind generated 25% of Britains power. What we should be doing is growing our own indigenous wind turbine industry, as at the moment we import them from mainly Germany and Denmark. A British wind turbine industry would generate much-needed skilled jobs in manufacturing, and improve our balance of payments too.

Britain could be self-sufficient in cheap energy, as we are surrounded by the sea and wind; the risk of being reliant on imported, expensive fossil fuels would be eliminated, with lower industrial costs making us able to export cheaply. As lower electricity costs were passed on to the consumer, this would boost the economy, as people didnt have to worry about the second mortgage that has become the energy price rip-off. Government could legislate that all newbuild housing should have solar panels as standard.

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