wind generator,28 blade,double rotor ,double motor,

Homemade double treadmill motors with two rotors totaling 28 blades ready for testing.

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13 Responses to “wind generator,28 blade,double rotor ,double motor,”

  1. Early Hollandsworth says:

    Hi, did you have to use a voltage regular to avoid overcharging your
    storage batteries?

  2. losttreasurehunt says:

    I tryed that the main shaft was a right hand thread and the generator was a
    lefthand ,need less to say couldn’t keep the nuts on the shaft.It does seem
    to work better ,or produce more power with it counter rotating .

  3. lollum89 says:

    why don’t you try to make them counterrotating? imho you should be able to
    get better performance

  4. losttreasurehunt says:

    Well two dc generators on one rotor is to much drag for low winds ,have
    rebuilt the unit for one generator and have linked all windmills in series
    with one to it’s self to help with the amps

  5. losttreasurehunt says:

    Sorry my computer is messing up me ,real southern accent fron the deep
    woods of Tennessee

  6. Vernon Whitehead Jr says:

    nice work, I bet it gets a lil scary when that beast gets up to speed…

  7. anthropological says:

    I love this man’s accent!

  8. losttreasurehunt says:

    Haven’t had any real good winds yet,but it’s coming

  9. losttreasurehunt says:

    Have reworked the double motor generator to a single ,it took to much wind
    to move it .The motors were to stiff and the belts added drag too.Thanks
    for viewing

  10. losttreasurehunt says:

    @bobinmissouri Take a small torch and heat the plywheel up and turn it to
    the right ,the treadmill motors r lift handed treads ,that’s it.good
    luck.If u need any more help just email me

  11. shartne says:

    If you lived here in Oklahoma the wind would blow those wind mills so fast
    it would make your batteries charge in just a little bit. I thought the
    wind would never die down for the last six or eight months. Man I’m going
    to get me a wind generator. Im serious I would be afraid that the wind here
    would blow my wind mill up if I had one.

  12. bobinmissouri says:

    how do you get the fly wheel of the treadmill motor to drill holes in it? i
    can’t get the hub off on the motor i have? good videos use sub to ya

  13. Br0kenToe says:

    Maybe you could try counter rotating blades.Nice work.

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