Wind turbine what not to buy unless you want parts hitting neighbors houses

junk wanna be pma i bought to show how crappy these are and why to buy Missouri Wind and solar parts.

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9 Responses to “Wind turbine what not to buy unless you want parts hitting neighbors houses”

  1. TheSolarAndWindBloke says:

    I own a pma and it’s awesome! Made By MW&S!

  2. Richard Downer says:

    GREAT products from MissouriWindandSolar… nice thanks bud..

  3. John Daniel says:

    Understand your blade nightmares to a T. We got 4 big holes in our brand new Aluminum siding, a busted out French patio door and a insurance company that made us put our turbines 50 feet or more away. The turbine was sold as the best highest tech piece of equipment in the world. It didn’t have any, NOT ONE, qualifying standard by any insurance Co., or technical or engineering certification. Therefore it is a TOY according to the insurance institute. It’s called a Rebel Turbine.

  4. ABSBlades says:

    Cheap Scam Shit On Ebay Men! absblades(dot)com

  5. James Biggar says:

    what a pos.

  6. ian57812 says:

    great for skool kids project.but can they spell?

  7. Bryan May says:

    true,you cant make power if its all bending also forgot to show the spacers are plastic pipe also what goods that .

  8. CrapPolice says:


  9. Charles McCune says:

    yea I saw those one ebay presto makes them also that way. I dont know if he is using speaker type magnets or a large neodim mangin ring I know you can get those on ebay for 95 bucks. I guess they be good for just mucking a round with other then than boat anker I have a dual core pma from MW&S and when I have good winds 15 mph and higher it works great.

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