Wind Turbine

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is also referred to as a windmill or wind generator. Though the terms are used interchangeably, there is a minor difference. The wind turbine is the device that makes use of the wind energy to produce mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then used as is or converted into electrical energy. A windmill uses the mechanical energy as is for pumping out water or for grinding purposes whereas the wind generator is the one that produces electrical energy.

What are the different types of wind turbines?

Wind turbines are classified into two kinds based on their orientation:

• Horizontal axis turbines – The blades in these wind turbines rotate along a horizontal axis.

• Vertical axis turbines – The blades in these turbines rotate along a vertical axis.

The horizontal axis wind turbines are more commonly used. They are more efficient that vertical axis turbines.

What are the advantages of installing a wind turbine?

Let’s look at the major advantages of a wind turbine:

• Power-saving: Since the wind turbines use a free energy, the wind energy, they prove to be a very cost-effective mechanism for generating electricity, thus helping not only save power but also generate power for the world.

• Cost-effective: The only cost involved in installing a wind turbine is the initial cost and the cost of maintenance. The energy comes free and there is no other fuel.

• Environment-friendly: The wind turbines are environment friendly in a way that they do emit harmful gases or affect the environment in any way.

• Uninterrupted power supply: A wind generator helps you become independent of government’s electricity supply. Moreover, you overcome the hurdles of power outages.

What are the factors you should consider for installing a wind turbine?
While installing a wind turbine is extremely beneficial for you and for the rest of the world, you must take care not to implement the solution in an incorrect way. You should take into consideration the following when installing a wind turbine.

Make sure the following two pre-requisites are met:

• The site for installation is at least of one acre area.

• The average wind speed is around 11 miles per hour.

• Make sure the tower and the base are sturdy. It is important to foresee the turbulence in the wind before you invest in the wind turbine.

• Make sure the tower’s height and the distance between the wind generator and the cells are optimum.

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