Windfarm weirdness syndrome is real. Just look at our national ‘debate’ | Ketan Joshi

While Pacific Hydro’s report doesn’t prove the reality of ‘wind turbine syndrome’, it does show how windfarms irritate people in unique ways

Windfarms irritate people in unique ways. It’s something I’ve paid keen attention to since I started out in the wind industry as a data analyst. The machines seem to provoke a discussion far from the norm, when it comes to energy technologies.

For instance, in May 2012 The Australian published a column by conservative climate sceptic blogger James Delingpole, in which he quotes an unnamed sheep farmer declaring the wind industry equivalent to a paedophile ring. The Australian Press Council upheld a complaint against the line in question.

No, animals become physiologically stressed when exposed to wind turbine noise (eg the Taiwanese goats who died, reported by the BBC, confirmed by the goat farmer and the Taiwanese Agricultural authorities

Tiny samples are fine. Patients are a sample of one. Just one patient (or one black swan) is enough to prove a scientific point. In his peer review of the Cooper Research, Dr Paul Schomer said ‘One person affected is a lot more than none; the existence of just one cause-and-effect pathway is a lot more than none,’ he said. ‘It only takes one example to prove that a broad assertion (that there are no impacts) is not true, and that is the case here.’......SIX BLACK SWANS. All of them experienced the symptoms when the turbines were turning …. But not when they were not exposed to operating turbines and there were no wind gusts

Oh, if something is not published in a journal it is not good science? Well what about PhD’s??? They are not published in journals? Are they not ‘science’?

It Is also about time the ABC started accurately identifying conflicts of interest in its ‘experts’ and stopped putting pre-recorded programs to air which refer to vulnerable and sick rural residents as “DICK BRAINS” — Annabel Crabb on the science show, aired by Robin Williams in January 2015

[T]hat person’s response is not ever, ever, ever going to be to say, ‘Thanks for helping me out with that, I now realise what a total dick-brain I’ve been, thank you very much.’ That person will go on an online forum and say, ‘I can’t believe what just happened to me,’ and find 50 other people who say, ‘You are right and that person is a lunatic.’ And that’s effectively what we are talking about here.

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