With this attack on community energy the ‘big six’ win out over big society | George Monbiot

By changing the rules, this government has sabotaged the promise of a UK community energy revolution and secured the dominance of the big six energy companies

You would think the government had invented community. When David Cameron became prime minister, he announced that “my great passion is building the ‘big society’ ... We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them.”

Since then, ministers have scarcely been able to finish a sentence without using the word community. But their commitment turns out to be as hollow as the other famous claim Cameron made in his ‘big society’ speech: “we’re all in this together”.

Local communities will be able to take control of their energy bills and help transform the energy system ... In the future, the generation of electricity by communities themselves could put pressure on energy suppliers to drive down prices, creating warmer homes, cutting carbon emissions and diversifying the UK’s energy mix.

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